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GREGORY A. YOUNG was born in Middletown, Connecticut, to parents, Mr. Willie James and  Mrs. Judy B. Young.


At the young age  of  fifteen,  Gregory  accepted  Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Shortly thereafter, at age sixteen,  Gregory  recognized  that  there  was  a  calling  on

his life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 1982 he started preparation towards fulfilling his life mission.

In 1995 Reverend Gregory A. Young was installed  to his first pastoral  position. He served  in the capacity of full-time pastor at Thankful Baptist Church, located  in Augusta, Georgia until July 2007. On February 21, 2011, Reverend Gregory A. Young was elected as the thirteenth pastor  of the Historic  Mount Pisgah Baptist  Church  of Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Pastor Young is an anointed young man of God, qualified to preach, teach and exalt God's word. As a leader, his primary goal has been "to share the message of God's salvation and love through Jesus Christ". God has blessed him to become a phenomenal speaker at church conventions, seminars, bible colleges and much more. In his services he has pointed many sinners to Calvary.


As a role model to many, he motivates Christian followers to exercise their authority over the devil by realizing their position in Christ. He believes that "through biblical preaching of God's WORD OF HOPE to our generation, all denominational barriers, transcends human hypocrisy and frailty will reach the heart of mankind".


As we proclaim Jesus, The Christ, as "Head  of  the  Church"  and  the  manifested  word  of God, our goal is to teach the word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may be applied to our everyday lives in practical and effective  manner;  thereby  changing  our world and all those with whom we come into contact, ultimately making a mark  that cannot  be  erased.


On May 2, 2000, Pastor Gregory A. Young was united in Holy Matrimony to Ms. Sarah­ Mechell Simms of New  York City. They reside in Augusta, Georgia.

Rev. Gregory A. Young


First Lady Mrs. Mechell Young

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