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The Historic Mount Pisgah Baptist Church is a church with a reputation for persistence in pursuit of its mission to make disciples of the unchurched, evangelize the whole world, and represent Christ in all we do.  There are conflicting views on the origin of the Church, but it is believed that this congregation had its origin in 1853 or 1854, banding together, even though they were slaves, to serve God. The original name was Sunnyside Baptist Church and the Reverend Jacob Govan served as Pastor from 1865 to 1877.  Sunnyside Baptist changed its name to Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in 1870.


The original structure was destroyed by fire in 1902.  The congregation, with the help of God, rebuilt it in 1903.  Mr. A. W. Thorne, a black builder, constructed the new larger and more functional facility in 1903 which is described as architecturally significant as an early twentieth century Romanesque Revival style church building whose brick construction and sophisticated design are especially noteworthy as evidence of the dedication of its congregation during a period when few African Americans made more than a basic living. The pyramid with cross-gable design of the church, as well as its fenestration detail and interior features make Mt. Pisgah an important example of turn of the century religious architecture in the city of Orangeburg. It is one of the oldest churches in both Orangeburg and the State of South Carolina and in 1985 it was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.


Mount Pisgah has been served by 12 ministers beginning with Reverend Govan, Reverend J. Harvey, Reverend J. Williams, Reverend A. J. Stokes, Reverend Samuel W. Flynn, Reverend R. Rice, Reverend J. H. Posey, Reverend Charles D. Salley, Reverend Nelson C. Nix, Reverend John D. Rhodes, Reverend F.G.S. Everett and Reverend D. Edward Chaney.  In its 157th year, on March 1, 2011, the members of Mt. Pisgah rejoiced as Reverend Gregory A. Young officially began his service as the 13th Pastor of this historic church.

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